How Chaching Works

Chaching generates company specific conversations by applying conversational AI & NLP
on Situational Judgment Test Sales templates.

Digital Playbook

Set consistency and alignment across the teams and articulate the drivers of your sales engine.
Set up a single digital source of truth to your playbook and ensure alignment.
For example - Personas, verticals, challenges you address, alternatives, the value you provide to each persona in every verticals, use-cases, key messages, differentiation, competitive edge, objections handling technics, Q&As, supporting collateral, and compelling events.
Using a proprietary playbook wizard, Chaching assists in driving the thought process across how you message, to how the demo covers the relevant pain points / user cases in a consistent and personalized manner.

Video Simulation

Interactive video simulation - Perform day-in-a-life simulations, while our avatar “throws at you” a varied spectrum of challenges you’ll be likely to encounter selling your product to your buyers.
In order to generate realistic conversations, we use out-of-the-box sales scripts that are personalized to each company’s sales playbook.
We use a unique wizard that injects the company’s sales scripts and collateral into our conversational intelligence simulation algorithm, In addition we can embed information collected from the company’s CRM systems and available online media.

AI Based Insights

Finally, we analyze each video recording in order to pinpoint the strong areas and weaker interactions and enable effective coaching and collaboration across the teams.

Use cases

Consistently maintain the sales team performance.


Reduce the time and resources vested in sales onboarding by 50%.

Sales enablement

Manage your sales team competency, Streamline the sales process.


Maintain & implement changes in your playbook within hours, while aligning marketing, sales & customer success.


Reduce the time and resources vested by sales management in candidate interviews by 50%.

Scale sales

Interactive video simulations tailored to each company’s playbook

Digital Playbook

Articulate your playbook in a simple, maintainable manner

Role play simulations

Dramatically shorten the onboarding effort & duration

AI supported coaching

Increase quota attainment by improving your sales team’s cadence

Ongoing competency

Decrease sales people churn


Align marketing, sales and customer success and set consistency

Sales people DNA

Understand the nature of successful salespeople’s characteristics