As these companies reach the sales readiness phase a truly interesting process happen as they start from “all hands on deck” per lead, and every “sales person” is actually an all-around guy with profound product understanding (mostly one of the core team that has an affiliation towards sales)

Once this efforts generates the first deals, the professional sales people are hired.

This is where things become interesting, Those who decided to “Save money” by hiring talented sales people (no need to hire managers as there aren’t enough sales people to manage) would find themselves sacking one talent after another because they will not deliver any quotas. (no matter how successful they were in a similar company)

If the company was smart enough to hire a sales manager, he will use his 90 days of grace to try to articulate the pitch, collateral and focus on who would end up buying the product, what’s the compelling event and which vertical, geography would be more accessible to adopt you.

The successfully ones will grow a team and try to scale, the less successful ones will start complaining (sometimes rightly so) about the product, pricing, marketing etc..

Second hurdle, there aren’t enough leads.. The top of the funnel is empty, and the people that usually generate leads have a different skill set of those that actually nail these deals..

Wanted to hear your view in regards to how you handled such situations / challenges.