Business development – the real business multiplier

Top management does not always recognize the importance of Business Development (BD). When your resources are scarce you need to prioritize whether to spend most of your time and effort on direct sales or on “indirect” slower channels that eventually drive top lines.

Achieving Product-Market Fit, the Agile Approach

I believe enough was said about the difficulty of achieving the product-market fit, but not enough was suggested as a structured approach towards reaching it.

Product Market Fit <> Meeting Sales Quotas

In past six month I’ve been fortunate enough to work with a few truly remarkable startups, the passion and conviction these groups of people have is nothing short of amazing.

8 Playbook Essentials

Over the past two years I have had the good fortune of working closely with more than 30 fast growing startups. The common denominator for most of these software companies was that they were circling around the product-market fit zone. While some managed to become “fast-growing” because they were successful in securing funding, many ended up in a worse spot feeling the heat from investors, demanding tangible results quickly.

Three guidelines that would boost the business plan effectiveness

Across the first two years of my maiden startup I was convinced there’s no place for any business plan, it seemed to me that no plan can match the hectic reality.

The “Lonely planet” guide for the startup’s CEO

Entrepreneurs are usually talented, persistent, confident and innovative. I am still puzzled sometimes why they rather embark on a journey towards the unknown, forfeiting their job security and great pay.