The science of onboarding inside sales people

A sales simulator that trains your inside sales personnel
to excel in selling your product to your customer
  • Increase quota attainment
  • Dramatically shorten onboarding effort & duration
  • Decrease sales people churn
  • Streamline your sales operations




Boost quota attainment

Sales simulation – the science of sales improvement
First of its kind, sales simulator that combines Conversational Artificial Intelligence, Behavioral Science and Sales Best practices
Scenario examples
Leads generation
Interaction with relevant customers​
Interaction with irrelevant customers​
Handle objections​
Negotiation and procurement interaction​
Lead / opportunity qualification
The sales enablement simulator​
Drop 50% of the sales onboarding and turn it into an objective / scientific process.
Drop 50% of the sales interviews performed by sales management​.
Sales enablement
Manage your sales team competency, Streamline the sales process and implement changes in process / scripts across the sales team.​
Maintain and implement changes in your playbook whitin houres
Who benefits from Chaching?
Sales Management
Improve the sales team quota attainment ​
Shorten the sales onboarding effort and duration​
Improve the sales team retention
Sales People
Improve the chances of meeting your quota attainment, Job satisfaction and retention
Personalized demo.
See how inside sales personnel optimize their sales operations